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While installing a new lighting fixture may seem like a simple job, it’s actually a task best left to the professionals. Anytime you are dealing with wiring and electricity, there’s a risk of electrical shock and improper installation that could lead to a house fire. For this reason, homeowners should forgo the DIY route and instead hire a licensed and trained electrician to safely and properly handle fixture replacements in your home or business.


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Types of lights


This branched ornamental fixture not only enhances the decor of the the space but provides ambiance


Pendant Lights

This decorative light has a single bulb, hangs by a pole, and provides accent lighting to a specific area


Flush-Mount Lights

This decorative light fits snug to the ceiling and provides a soft light in a space


Recessed Lighting

This  wafer or can-style task light provides light for a specific area


Under Cabinet Lighting

This decorative light adds soft accent lighting above countertops

Flood Lights

This 2-bulb exterior light adds security to a residence with both motion and dusk-til-dawn lighting


Porch Lights

This decorative light provides additional lighting adjacent to the entry of a residence


Landscape Lights

This accent light provides additional lighting to a lawn


Lamp Post

This elevated light provides additional security to residence


Wall Sconces

This decorative light adds accent lighting to a wall.

Whether it’s natural or accent, recessed or under cabinet lighting,

good lighting installations can completely change the feeling of your home. Homes have many obstacles such as cables, boxes, switches, and more that make installing light fixtures tough to do without knowing what you are doing. No matter the light you choose call Connect Electric to give you a hand

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