Panel Replacements and Upgrades

Your electrical panel acts as the heart of your electrical system, receiving the main power coming into your house and distributing the electric current to the different circuits on your property. If this panel begins to malfunction, you may experience a host of issues — varying from power outages to a house fire. For this reason, it’s crucial to schedule electrical services as soon as you notice problems with the electric panel.


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Panel Replacements and Upgrades
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Types of Panel Replacements and Upgrades

Panel Replacement

Outdated or overwhelmed electrical panels are a main cause of electrical fires. Having such a panel represents a danger to your family and home. Upgrading your panel is an investment worth making because it will keep your family safe and protect you from fires caused by a faulty electric system

Panel Installation and Service Upgrade

An electric service upgrade provides the complete replacement of electrical service around the house. This includes the line side service entrance cable, meter base, weather head, load side service entrance cable, the grounding and bonding system, and, of course, the electric panel itself.

If your home needs an increase in power due to appliances,

your home is more than 15 years old, or you smell metal or smoke coming from your electrical panel, call Connect Electric ASAP

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